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Yearly Ice Contracting

From start-up to removal, our trained staff will provide ice installation and general day-to-day maintenance to provide you with quality ice conditions throughout your club's season.

Based on your league and bonspiel schedules, we will provide staff to get your season up and running, with daily ice preparation throughout the year.

Services include:

  Ice Installation

  • Plant start-up

  • Leveling floods

  • Paint and sealing

  • Ring and divider installation

  • Placement of all in-ice logos, markers and advertising

  General Day-to-Day Maintenance

  • Daily scraping

  • Cleaning and pebbling for each draw

  • Ice and Air temperature checks and adjustments

  Weekly Maintenance

  • Deep scrape

  • Burning or hot mopping

  • Filling for knee/hand prints

  Mid-Season Maintenance

  • Deep scrape

  • Burn or controlled melt

  • Flooding

  • Reassessment of facility requirements

  Ice Removal

  • Removal of rocks from ice surface and storage

  • Melting ice

  • Removal/cleaning of decals

  • Pad clean up

  • Plant shut-down

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